Disruptors in Yorkshire’s Tech Industry

What a summer at Adesse!

We had so much fun filming Series One of the Tech Leaders in Yorkshire YouTube series. Thank you to all the interviewees who talked to us so honestly and gave such entertaining stories. There were definitely some we couldn’t use and share publicly and some great outtakes for the Christmas edition!

Claire ready to interview JP at Attercopia HQ

Claire ready to interview JP at Attercopia HQ

August is always rubbish for recruitment – everyone is on holiday and it’s a nightmare trying to schedule interviews so we decided to take the opportunity to reflect on Series One and create a report, entitled ‘Tech Leaders in Yorkshire: Disrupting the Industry in 2017’.

What we created was a great report of original research, examining common themes such as different ways to attract staff, other than increasing salaries and what it means to be a tech leader in 2017. We also shared some pearls of wisdom and funny stories.

You can get a free copy of this report at hello@adessesearch.com . We’d love to know your thoughts and also keep your eye out for Series Two, coming soon!

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