Is this the reason you can’t get an interview?

It’s well-known that you’ve got 11 seconds to determine whether your CV ends up on the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile. Here are 7 ways to make sure your job application stand out, and maximise your chances of getting that interview

Don't follow the herd - stand out!

Don't follow the herd - stand out!

1) Follow up your application to a person, rather than your CV just sitting in a database. Use LinkedIn to find the hiring manager, use the company website to work out the company email formula. Write a polite, not pushy email succinctly expressing your interest and relevance, and send

2) Create a compelling online portfolio that demonstrates what you do, whether it’s a GitHub profile or personal website

3) Ensure your online presence is congruent – i.e. make sure what it says on your CV matches up to your LinkedIn profile! Most managers google potential employees these days, so don’t be caught out

4) And on that point, make sure your social media is either private, or appropriate!

5) Is your CV dry and bland? Sometimes you can go too far to sound professional, and end up using clichés and seeming too corporate. Don’t be afraid to use your own words and let your personality come across a little

6) Demonstrate passion for your industry. Do you attend relevant meetups? Write articles? Contribute to your community? Get it on your CV

7) Of course we have to mention building a relationship with a recruiter you trust. A decent recruiter can represent you effectively and help you find the right sort of business for you.

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