I dropped the ball

It pains me to admit this, but last week I dropped the ball. I let down a candidate, and so this post is an open apology.

I scheduled a meeting with a candidate, which is my normal code of practice. I find it much easier to understand people and what’s important to them if we can chat over a coffee. However, due to a new starter in Adesse’s office, plus an office move (and the boxes, dust and loose wires involved) I had to reschedule the meeting. Except I didn’t remember to, or put it in my Google Calendar.

The candidate sent me a ticked-off email, for which he had every justification to do. He was so annoyed he disconnected from me on LinkedIn. And I felt awful.

 It’s true that every satisfied customer tells one person. But a dissatisfied customer will tell an average of 9 people. Add to that all the Recruiter bashing that’s going on on LinkedIn at the moment, and I was pretty nervous. However what really hit home was the effect it would have on my company’s, and my, reputation. All you have in recruitment is your reputation, and it was genuinely upsetting that I’d let somebody down, and been added into the ‘just another recruiter’ camp.

So I sincerely and unreservedly apologised. I offered to meet him at his convenience and choice of location. Which he accepted, and we did, and had a great conversation.

At Adesse we do pride ourselves on great customer service, but we also accept we’re human and errors sometimes happen. When they do, we’ll do everything in our power to put them right.

Has a recruiter ever knocked your socks off? What kind of relationship would you like to have with a recruiter?

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