5 Killer Interview Questions

You may not know that I’m a qualified Career Coach as well as Recruitment Director of Adesse. Here are 5 Killer Coaching questions I use in my interviews, to really get under the skin of candidates

·         What’s been your unique contribution to your current role?

Too often, candidates use ‘we’, and it’s hard to tell what they actually did, as opposed to their colleague/team. It helps quantify what they’ve achieved, plus what sets them apart from their peers.

·         Tell me about a time you dropped the ball?

Everybody has messed up at some point in their career. If they say they haven’t, they’re lying. What you’re looking for is evidence they can pick themselves up, dust themselves off, take responsibility and learn from their mistakes.

·         What do you need to move ahead in your career?

This question gives an interesting insight into what motivates the candidate. If the answer is ‘more money’, this is a massive red flag. If it’s practical, such as a specific training course or an inspiring manager, that’s pretty good. But if the answer is along the lines of, “I have all the resources and self-motivation I need to be the best I can be. All I’m looking for are like-minded colleagues and the right company environment”, you’ve got yourself a superstar.

·         What’s your biggest regret?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. What you’re looking for is an analytical mind and a bit of self-awareness

·         What would you want people to say about you at your funeral?

I love this one. Whilst it’s a scenario (hopefully) far into the future, it’s a great question to uncover what’s important to somebody. Whilst it’s a bit more personal than you might expect at a job interview, probing a bit deeper in this way can help peel away the ‘interview face’ some candidates present.

Do you have a killer interview question to share? We’d love to hear them. Get in touch!

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