Are you making this interview mistake?

Job hunting is competitive and it’s getting harder to stand out from other candidates. Are you missing this easy way to stand out from the crowd?

Over the past fortnight I’ve been hiring for my own company, and it’s been a real insight to sit on the other side of the fence. Despite having performed interviews day in, day out for the past twelve years, it’s totally different having to make a decision about who would fit best in your own culture.

What struck me is a massive difference in the way job seekers behave. One made a lame excuse and didn’t bother to turn up to interview (but after twelve years in recruitment, that didn’t surprise me). However the other four prepared well, asked intelligent questions and gave considered answers to the questions I asked. They also drank copious amounts of coffee, a necessity in this office.

The person I offered the job to however, really went above and beyond. I asked the candidates to perform a social media exercise. The successful person did this well, made me smile, but also came up with suggestions for different social media that would add value to my business. I asked for a response by Monday, she got back to me 4 days early. She followed up her interview by saying how much she enjoyed it, and how much she wanted the job.

This is powerful stuff, folks. Proactiveness and self-motivation are key attributes for this job, and are usually high on any employer’s list. I was impressed to see this candidate demonstrate these qualities, and it really helped them stand out from the crowd.

So welcome to Adesse, Georgina. See you next week!

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