From the coal face – Getting ahead of the crowd

From the coal face – Getting ahead of the crowd

December in IT is a funny time of year.

My experience is that no two Decembers are ever quite the same, and the assumption that December should be a quieter, reflective time, where you catch up on all the admin you’ve been putting off throughout the year, never quite rings true. The mad rush of projects trying to make it in before the end of the year. The sudden panic when you realise your contractors are only a couple of days away from their last working day, and your permanent staff have more days leave left to take than days left in the year. The negotiation with sponsors who have a million reasons why their project needs to bypass the Change Freeze rules. The realisation that, ‘that’ deployment will slip beyond Christmas, but absolutely must be before the end of the year, and the mad rush of trying to find willing people who can change their plans to come in between Christmas and New Year.


Starting the search for a new role is very rarely at the forefront of anyone’s mind in this period. Yet those who can find the time to consider their next move in December put themselves in the driving seat for the current year’s roles which are waiting to be filled (again, it is a misconception that companies don’t look to recruit in December!), and also get a head start on the inevitable rush in January, when the New Year’s resolutions kick in, and a flood of people start looking for a new role.

At Adesse we have some very exciting BA and PM roles, some open now, and more coming in January:

  • Mid-level BA at an exciting company doing meaningful, tangible work
  • Senior and mid-level PMs at an ethical organisation undergoing an exciting period of transformation
  • Mid-level BA at an ethical organisation undergoing an Agile transformation
  • Senior and pro-active BA at a fast-moving financial services organisation, with strong core values

If you’re considering your next move and want to get ahead of the crowd, please reach out so we can discuss what we can do for you.

Anthony Ackers - Head of BA, PM & Change.

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