Are you making this hiring mistake?

A recent survey of Developers in Yorkshire revealed the Number One benefit you can offer to attract the best talent to your company. Does your company offer this?

"I get better 4G up here than at home..."

"I get better 4G up here than at home..."

We all know it’s a great time to be in Tech in Yorkshire. The relocation of massive companies to Leeds and Sheffield, plus the explosion of innovative start ups, has meant that competition for the best employees is fierce. Salary expectations have massively increased and it would seem candidates can have their pick of roles (and a wish list to match).

Even when you think you’ve secured a great employee, it’s not a done deal. So far this year, I’ve seen candidates accepting other offers whilst working their notice period, and even just not turning up on their scheduled start date.

So how do you ensure you get your new employee’s loyalty and buy-in to you and your company? It’s not by raising salaries.

According to a recent survey Adesse Search conducted, the number one way to attract the best talent to your company (and avoid inflating your hiring budget) is to offer flexibility.


  • You’re demonstrating you believe in work/life balance
  • You’re showing you trust them to take ownership for their deliverables
  • You’re potentially reducing your overheads, in terms of office size
  • You’re reducing their costs, by being able to travel off-peak, or not pay for a commute at all
  • You’re offering a benefit worth so much more than an extra £5,000 on their salary, and attracting a different class of candidate

What’s been your experience of flexible working? Has your company recently introduced it, and with what results? Do you think it’s an excuse for doing conference calls in your pyjamas?

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