The Number 1 CV Mistake People Make

There’s no such thing as the perfect CV, but there are definite no-nos to easily avoid. Make sure your CV goes in the Yes pile with these handy tips

Don't send hiring managers to sleep...

Don't send hiring managers to sleep...

1)      Irrelevance. The average HR/recruiter spends just 11 seconds on your CV. For this reason you need to ensure that your CV grabs their attention. The best way is tailor your CV to the role so it is obvious why you are applying

2)      Vagueness. Your profile is vital. Two or three lines underneath your name to summarise your speciality, what you’re looking for, and give them a reason to read on

3)      Waffling. 2 pages should be plenty.

4)      Illegible. First impressions count. There are no excuses for bad grammar and spelling

5)      Fabrication. More and more hiring managers are comparing CVs against online profiles; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. Holes in CVs, or mismatched dates are easy to track down

6)      And finally, a recent survey of our clients revealed that their Number 1 hate is CVs which read like a job description. “I know what a Business Analyst does,” explained one hiring manager, “I want to see your achievements, what make you exceptional.”

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