You know you’re balancing parenthood and a career when…

One of my major motivations for starting my own company was parental guilt. Pre-children I was known to clock in up to 70 hours a week, was always available for evening networking events and prided myself on being first in and last out of the office. Ten years later, things have changed, hopefully for the better. The following are all completely true...

  •  Externally you’re working hard, saying all the right things in the office and maintaining previous levels of performance, however internally it’s an incessant babble of school admin, gymnastics parties and remembering to buy nappies on the way home

  • Pre-kids you roll out of bed, stop at Costa on the way in and arrive at your desk. With kids it’s a 5am start, reading homework whilst you do your makeup, at least 5 trips back into the house to collect PE kit/communication book/class gerbils (delete as appropriate), and a quick trip to the loo to check for puke/snot on your shoulder before your first meeting of the day

  • You get really, really efficient. There’s just no time for chatting in the kitchen, or spending time on fruitless tasks. You need to be out of the door at 5pm sharp, or you’ll be charged £30 by nursery for late fees

  • You lose all fear of difficult clients. An awkward conversation with a tricky stakeholder is nothing compared to negotiating with a toddler (although bribing with biscuits is still acceptable)

  • Life becomes a series of trades and negotiations with your partner. As in, “you drop off the kids and I’ll pick them up”, or “You do bath and bed while I close this £multimillion deal and I’ll cook later”

  •  You trade getting a few grey hairs in exchange for credibility

  • Your career perspective changes. Yes, you might put fewer hours in, but your motivation levels are out the roof

At Adesse Search we firmly believe in the value working parents add to the economy. We endeavour to work with companies that are family friendly.

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