7 Signs It’s Time for a Job Change

  •  You offer to make tea for everyone in the office, and spend the whole morning memorising how your colleagues take their brew
  • You’re secretly pleased the Horsforth roundabout roadworks extend your commute by half an hour. Oh dear, late in the office again
  • You seriously consider handing out free newspapers at the station as a career move. Surely it’s got to be less stressful?
  • You hide in the loo at lunchtime, counting the tiles
  • You spend half a day risk assessing your office, to make a quick escape during a zombie apocalypse. With your boss as an acceptable casualty
  • You invest a significant amount of time trawling job adverts, only to realise you’ve just applied for your own job. Oops
  •  You’re tired of speaking to recruiters about the same old jobs. You send your CV and never hear from them again 

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