5 Ways to Attract the Best Developers

Did you know that, according to a recent Stack Overflow survey, less than 13% of UK Developers found their last job via job boards? And yet 69% of Developers surveyed said they would consider moving jobs, for the right role.

 This means that traditional methods of attracting Developers are ineffective. In order to engage with the very best Developers, as a hiring manager you now need to get creative. Here are 5 ideas to try.....

1. Via their Stack Overflow or GitHub profile. The key is to establish credibility with something you have in common, and start a conversation. This is relatively simple as many Developers love blogging, and have useful information about technology and tools they're into, plus personal interests, readily displayed. A genuine approach about something you're passionate about is very powerful.

 2. At a conference or meet up. Again, you have a easy conversation starter about the reason you're both there. It's simple to go from the technology you're using, to projects you're involved with to, "hey, would you consider a move to use more of that?"

 3. Via LinkedIn, this is still a great method, just make sure any message you send is personalised and relevant. I find any messages are best sent in the evening, when Developers are more likely to have time to engage. 

4. Use your network. Nothing beats personal recommendation, and it's a powerful conversation-opener to say, "Your work comes highly recommended, I'd love to pick your brains". Or even better, incentivise your current team members to do the work for you with a referral reward scheme.

 5. Build a relationship with a Recruiter you trust. Any Recruiter worth their salt will be doing all of the above for you, as a minimum.

At Adesse Search we pride ourselves on building long term relationships, and making the right connections between companies and employees. 

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