It's all about you.

At Adesse we take your data seriously. In the work we do, we may need to store your personal information, but you have our promise that we'll look after it and not abuse it.

We may store your data for the following reasons:

  • To help you find your dream job - keeping you informed of opportunities you may be interested in
  • For record keeping, processing and keeping in touch with you, once we have found you your dream job or assignment
  • To provide you with information and insight that we believe you will find useful or interesting

We may, following discussion with you, and ONLY subject to your explicit consent, also use your information to:

  • Submit your details for roles which you wish to apply
  • Submit your details, either anonymously or identifiably, to companies who may be interested in employing you in the future

We may store the following information:

Name, address, telephone numbers, email address, salary details, work experience, education experience, interests (as provided by your CV), consultant notes, recordings of telephone calls, interview details, placement details.

We don't pass on your data without your consent

It stays between us. If we need to pass it on (e.g. to apply for a role) we will ask you first

We've nothing to hide

If you want to know what data we hold about you, then just ask! Please send an email to

If you want it gone, it's gone

We don't mess about. We don't want to keep anyone's data who doesn't want us to have it. Ask us to remove your data, and we will do so, as long as we are not legally obliged to keep hold of it. Please send an email to

Notice something wrong? Let us know!

Please contact

But I didn’t sign up!! Where did you find me?!

We may have come across your details from a number of sources – and just because we contacted you does NOT mean we have your data on file! We may have got your information from:

·         A social network

·         A job board

·         A referral from a colleague/acquaintance

If we have found your details through any of these sources, then we will not use your information for any other purpose than to inform you of new roles that suit your experience, or relevant services that we offer, without first gaining your explicit consent to do so.

Will you look after my information?

In addition to the physical security at our premises, all of our databases and production systems are located in secure data centres within the UK. Access to these systems is restricted to Adesse Search employees, and all employees are required to sign up to data usage and privacy agreements on commencement of employment.