Claire Ackers

Claire has been recruiting in Yorkshire since 2005, and is extremely passionate about the growth of the technology sector in the region. 

“It’s a really exciting time to be in the technology and digital sector, and I love being part of it. There are so many interesting companies and talented individuals in Yorkshire, and being able to add value to them is what drives me.” 

Claire founded Adesse in order to be different from other agencies. 

“Adesse Search is successful because people enjoy that personal touch. It’s not a faceless multinational agency with a different account manager every week. It’s a family business. You call me with a requirement, I go out and find you that person.” 

Claire has a strong academic background, with an Master's in Philisophy, and is also a qualified Career and Corporate Coach. While this may seem like an unlikely combination for a career in recruitment, Claire believes this gives her a unique skillset. 

“The buzz for me comes from understanding what makes people tick. Once I really get under someone’s skin, and appreciate what drives and motivates them, I can match them with the right opportunity, or find them the right person for their team.” 

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Anthony Ackers

Anthony is a recent addition to the Adesse team, and uses his own knowledge and experience in the IT sector  (Business Analysis and Change in particular) to work with companies and clients with an empathy that comes only from working at the coal face.

Still a Business Analyst at heart, he also applies the skills he has honed over the last 12 years to help run a growing business and create a culture of Continuous Improvement which will be embedded within the company as it grows further. He’s also an active member in the growing BA Community around Leeds and Yorkshire.

Anthony grew up near Manchester, then studied at Sheffield University, living there for 15 years before settling in Leeds in 2013. He’s currently indulging his love of Photography, editing Adesse’s Tech Leaders interview series. He also enjoys mountain climbing, and he and Claire enjoy strategy away days up mountains in the Lake District.


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